Business Plans

Business Plans

A plan is an essential part of every organization and a solid business plan denotes not only the milestones that are specific to your organization's success, it corresponds with the expenses and key factors that deliver these results to your bottom line.

Business plans are not just for raising capital, they are an important tool that successful CEO's employ to navigate their organization. After all, the numbers don't lie and a well detailed plan provides the heading, route and resources necessary to make the journey.  Although each business may have unique products or specific customers identified, there are overlapping fundamentals that are consistent to any organization's success.

Anatomy of a Winning Plan

Depending upon the size of a company, most business plans for a small to medium size company will include the following topics in their plan.


The Company - Your Vision & Mission
The Product - Features & Market Advantages
Facts And Figures - Technical Analysis - Marketing Results
Consumer Trends - Knowledge of Your Customer
Marketing Strategy - Alliances
Management Team - Executive Summary
The Operating Plan
Budget Assumptions
Detailed Three Year Projections
Conclusion - Summary of Key Points
The Offer

Business Plan Authoring

I can assist with authoring your plan to include charts, supporting financial spreadsheets and detailed operating budgets.  Whole or in part, I can create the documentation necessary to navigate your company through milestones of financial indicators.

Sometimes a fresh perspective can help you gain insight and reaffirm direction or expand on your market advantages.  Custom plans range from three to five page elevator pitches to complete analytics for all aspects of your operation encompassing marketing strategies, financial projections and executive biographies. Complete plans average nearly twenty five pages when bound for presentation.

All business plans are developed under the strictest confidence and never shared with any outside organization.  I provide and encourage confidentiality and non-compete agreements to all clients.

Start the conversation to begin working on a plan that's right for your organization.  I can also be available to assist with helping your firm raise venture capital and preparing presentation materials.  contact