Database Development

Database Development

From small bits of data to large image files, custom built relational databases for storage and retrieval of multiple types of information.  Designed efficiently, your data models are structured and normalized to make your transactions faster, simpler and deliverable across any platform.

Databases aid the storage of many different types of data, including the contents for this website.  By employing a database for the storage of information on your website, vast gains are actualized in searching for items as well as sorting and manipulating business intelligence and reporting for clients.

A database gives you the tremendous benefit of managing your business while managing your clients.  I build fully relational database management systems with Microsoft SQL Server and they're built to last and grow.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server databases not only store and manage data from traditional record objects built into the database, a business can manage data and store data from unstructured documents, like text files, images and video libraries directly within the database.  SQL Server provides a host of integrated services that enable doing more with data beyond storage and management.  Query, search, sync, report, and analyze all types of information.

SQl Server

SQL Server provides a higher level of security, reliability, and scalability for all business applications.

Access and manage your data from anywhere.  Live interaction with all your departments from any device. 

Application Development
Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing

With a SQL Server database built into the foundation of your application, the possibilities are truly endless.

Data Import & Conversion

In addition to database design and administration, I provide data conversion services for records existing in just about any data  structure.  Data transformation services are one of the many services I can provide to allow not only importation of data, but full conversion from one data types into another.

Through the use of SQL scripts, or with a combination of stored procedures, I can create a data pump to siphon information out of a legacy database and redistribute it across your enterprise.

Recondition your information to comply with new application standards or expand data fields for integration with other interfaces fully synchronized.

Call for a free consultation with for your database design, conversion, integration of a legacy systems or a complete data warehousing strategy.  contact