Employee Training

Employee Training

I provide technology training at all levels to include management and executives in an effort to combat the rate of change for non technically employees. Meeting critical technology challenges are one of the keys to success.  In every role, most employees wear several hats and need to fast track their skill-sets to stay competitive with your clients.

My technical experience extends beyond building a new interactive website for your business.  I can fully train employees to maintain a system and edit new content, then feed that content to social media or though an email campaign.  Additional short cuts and how to guides can help your new employees interface with other applications for a more productive output across your entire platform.  Reduce your time to productivity.

Group & Private Seminars

All day, half day or whatever it takes seminars can be available in the following disciplines.

Access Database Fundamentals
Access Advanced Queries & Reports
Tech Training SQL Server Administration
SQL Server Management
SQL Server Advanced Queries & Reports

Internet & CMS 
DNN Software - DotNetNuke
HTML - Basic & Advanced
Java Scripting, Angular.js, CSS 
Visual Basic Programming

Report Writing (Crystal Reports & Proprietary Systems)
Excel Workbooks & Spreadsheets
Excel Advanced Spreadsheet Design

Application Specific Training

Whether it is private tutoring, assistance with a program or you just need to tune up your employee's tech skills, let's get your team around the stumbling blocks and on to a greater understanding quickly.

For any specific training package or to fast track a new application, sometimes a little help is all you need to get your team back out in front.  contact