Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

The internet is the ultimate marketing and sales tool for the foreseeable future.  There is no other medium that allows you connect with people from just about anywhere on the globe, to just about everyone else on the globe. 

And, never before has a business owner had the ability to launch a product around the globe in milliseconds.  The cost of ownership is negligible in comparison to the power placed at your finger tips and yet companies are still missing the boat when it comes to web marketing.

As a business owner you need to have an interactive web site.  It is 24/7/365 global marketing system.  If you don't understand this, I can't help you.

First build an updated site with the ability to interact with your customers, then take it to the next level:  promotion, email campaigns and engagement.

Strategies for Continued Growth

There are several ways to promote your site on the web.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I build in by design, but it's not the only technique involved in promotion.  Making sure key words are used on your site is important, having dynamic content is more important.

The number one way to optimize your SEO is to give it a bigger target to hit.   Build more dynamic content!

Generate new pages of content and articles about your products and services daily. Have more information on the growth of your company, more product images, have videos showing product demonstrations.  Keep pushing content up.

Acquire more domain names to point to each segment of your business.

You can have more than one domain name for a business, and why not have several lead to promotions and specials.  Domain names are still a huge value over traditional advertising.  You can get if front of customers everywhere, while they are at your competitors, and it's still cheaper to buy than print media.  A business that sells industrial motors, like for example, can keep growing at that same entry point by adding another domain like and feature their new motor line.  They'll make a bigger target search and attract new customers.  Here's an article from Media Options on domain name valuation, it also gives insight to continually building your brand.  Keep building and you'll keep growing, it's called brand diversification, evolve and survive.

Gorilla Marketing is Still Applicable

Gorilla Marketing is actually a book by Jay Conrad Levinson that elaborates on low budget mechanisms used in promotion.  Although, written before the internet explosion, the basic techniques still apply.  And with the ability to transform digital information and graphics, it's more than cost effective to produce additional market materials and collateral advertising displays across multiple mediums now, get active with all of them.

Get your business going with a state of the art web site and significantly increase your site's qualified traffic, inject directly into social, manage analytics, and dynamically increase your profits.  Accelerate all phases of marketing your business. contact