Project Management

Project Management

Managing the development process is a natural role as a vendor building the application for a client.  Solid business practices combined with Agile methodologies and Scrum sprints allow my clients to relax during the development process and throughout the roll out phase.

Building out an enterprise level application requires great attention to detail and excellent communications skills.  Clients can rest assured that milestones are met on time, and project status is both formally and informally communicated to your staff.

Management Essentials

My experience in the field of Project Management is of an area that is not only derived by maintaining project timelines and inter-office communication, but an area where success has a lot to do with the basic practice of common sense and common courtesy.

A great deal of project management is centered around teaching goal setting, conflict resolution and team building, but what no one will seem to say out right is that a PM lead at the core level is about character, more specifically, accountability and integrity.  

A good manager leads by example and although leaderships skills can be refined, leadership itself is forged from experience and perseverance.  Not everyone is cut out to be a good leader or can play well with a team.  

I participate in all aspect of project management including ADDIE in situations where as the sole developer, continually redefining the application for an improved reach.  I believe a team has to meet on a plane of professionalism to accomplish a unified goal to be successful.

Project Management Institutions

Institutions with a long history of producing exceptional project managers.

I support our troops, Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and practice a Veteran's preference when hiring sub-contractors for a project.
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