Technology Consulting

Vendor Neutral Technology Consulting

Leverage your existing technology and scale for new growth.  Maximize your investment in both hardware and software systems with a vendor neutral perspective.  Complete navigation in the technical landscape for any businesses environment.  From the onset of an upgrade to designing your process flow diagrams, get a vision of your architecture down to the last detail.   Efficient allocation of all system resources and business processes.

Anticipate change and strategically develop your assets securely.  Technology consulting is an included contribution within most projects.

Custom Applications

Applications Integration 
Equipment Installation Contract Review
Database Installation & Licensing
Service & Maintenance Contract Negotiations
Enterprise Software Contracts & Licensing
Equipment Leases - All Equipment Systems
Facilities & Temperature Controlled Environments
Specialty Items: i.e. Diagnostic Imaging Systems
Enterprise Level Application Reviews
Backup & Redundancy Equipment

Applications & Integration

Integrating your supply chain directly to your online presence is just one competitive advantage I can help you with.  It can be realized for less than you would expect.  Web applications can easily take advantage of server side tools and API's for presenting seamless virtual inventories without having to support the rising costs of traditional physical warehouses.

It's a huge opportunity for entrepreneurial companies to gain a competitive edge against large corporations for fractions of the investment.


The companies that embrace change with proven techniques are always the victors.

As a developer and system integration specialist, I can help you meet the challenges of evolving technologies.  Take it to the next level. contact