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Uncommon news and information with a technical twist and some topics that are a bit out there. Enjoy... Find a Great Domain Name

Investing in domain names is similar to real estate in that high traffic areas generally go for higher prices as well as desirable locations. Provides a clear list of domain names at various auction houses listed for the coming day. Mark's a excellent host and you'll find some gems among the list along with some personal antidotes.

On you can find a deal on a domain name and read through the articles on Mark's site to get a feel for how vast the domain industry is.

Domain Name Journal - The Domain News Blog

Short of fielding email inquiries about domain investing, I decided to create a series of posts featuring some of the domain sites read on a regular basis.

The undisputed authority for domain name news has to be Domain Name Journal. Ron Jackson, journalist and former news anchor built one of the most trusted blogs for reporting events and sales within the domain industry. is a weekly periodical and a must read for anyone in domain investing. Ron has a warm and intelligent style that emanates through the headlines to each in-depth cover story.

Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women

A guide that every guy needs to carefully consider. Professionally produced by Tactical Response, James Yeager and Dana Mclendon nail the science of babeology with a matrix for selecting women.

There is even a simple chart for women.

Enjoy the video here. - Rebels With A Cause

Looking for an interesting tech read? Check out Bit Rebels Technology section. They cover mainstream technology news and human interest stories from around the globe. Tech products trending in Europe generally don't make it in the US media unless they're a big item. Personally, I like to know before that happens. makes for an enjoyable read whether looking for new reviews on apps, geek info or just killing some time at Starbucks.

World Domain Day (WDD) Domain Promotion in India

WDD (World Domain Day) is an international event for the promotion of domain names and to educating people with building successful online businesses. WDD is being held in India for the first time on 8/24/2014. Join them to network with hundreds of domain investors, web professionals, startups and venture capitalists to learn all about creating successful online businesses!

Register for the event to listen to international speakers, receive exclusive offers, gifts and much more. Learn about the importance of domain names and e-commerce in the largest developing and fastest growing market, India.

India's projected growth rate for technology is in the neighborhood of 35% annually for the foreseeable future.

Deloitte 2014 Tech Trends

The previous posts on business trends have gathered a little more interest, so in doing more research I found the following treasure trove on tech trends at Deloitte University Press. Deloitte's articles through and complete with graphs to supplement the projections.  The growth forecasts coincide with other news on technology predictions and when you read over the article you'll see how well laid out this presentation is.  My hat is off to Deloitte, Bill Briggs, Mariahna Moore and the cast of thousands that compiled this report.

The base concept is Globalization and thinking in terms of a global resources, supply chain management and emerging markets that are evolving with the technology.  Right now we are at a tipping point with the growth of Asian and India's markets set to explode.  Delivering services to these economies and the challenges that will ensue, can't even fathom the numbers the rewards will bring into the fold.  We are just beyond the base of the curve where it's slope is about to go vertical.  Artificial intelligence, robotics, wearables, battery tech, culture and class separation.  This is by far the best report for all entrepreneurs to read or make a study of.  A great series from Deloitte. Tech News Plus

Discovered while looking for a new blog to add to my morning read.  Found a great source of tech news and information that's segmented into categories for easy of perusing.

Well organized into channels areas which works for me.  I like to freshen up on an industry before talking with a client.  Worth checking out and keeping up with.

Trends in Technology

Tech TrendsI left high school a full year early, and as a condition of early graduation my parents had to sign off on it being under 18 years old. They had another condition too, that I attend the local junior college and take at least two classes. As a master of the minimum, that's just what I did, took only two. I took Intro to Business for exactly what it was and Criminal Justice out of curiosity.

I got lucky with my Intro to Business class, the professor was a self made millionaire teaching for only a dollar in salary per year. He had quite an opinion and one of the best pieces of investment advice that I picked up came from him. Simply put, to make money in business you need to look for trends.

Here's 15 trends in technology from the Business Insider that are shaping the future.

No Beer in the World Cup

World Cup SoccerOddly enough there is no beer sold a any World Cup Soccer match. Even with Budweiser as a sponsor, no beer is sold in the stadium due to how unruly a 'futbol' crowd can become under the influence of alcohol. At other sporting events a cold beer isn't a problem. When I think fighting and sports, other than Boxing or MMA, hockey is the one sport where you'd think you have a problem. According to the organizer and promoter of the World Cup, not even on their website shows or links, mentions anything about Budweiser as a supporter. Why then would AB want to spend what I am sure would be hefty price tag for the relationship?

Everything on's website promotes a healthy happy world. Apparently, what happens when people drink at a soccer match contradicts the image they want to promote, but happy to take the cash.

Go Netherlands! And, I'd prefer an Amstel Light.

I stand corrected, the Budweiser Bill reported by John Oliver explains the lift on the alcohol ban.

The Deep Web

DarksideAn anonymous cookie that is. With all the news about BitCoin and anonymous transactions making their way into mainstream news, started to investigate the Deep Web, or the dark side of the internet.   Only about 4% of the web is visible to the average user.   Sites like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and other commercial business sites make up this 4% while the other 96% are sites that are not indexed by Google and Bing.   Wow right.

To surf the dark side requires anonymity and caution, (consider yourself fore-warned) You can look on Hidden-Wiki and search .onion, TOR and that will get you started.   A lot of the sites have been taken down and, count on being tracked by NSA, FBI and a few other 3 character government agencies.

It's a sick, sick world under the surface, I'll stay on the topside with the other 4%.


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