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College Radio - The Way Radio Should Be College Radio When I comes to music, they say programmers have the best play lists.  Personally I listen to a lot of different music, and when knocking out a application, I prefer something with good cadence, mostly instrumental and a mix I can listen to for hours on end.

Finding new music can be a challenge.  Traditional radio isn't what it used to be.  Most FM stations play 20 minutes or more of commercials per hour and it's usually from a pool of top 40 hits in a contained genre.  Even worse is there's usually more commercials when they know they have a trapped audience during rush hour traffic times.  CD's, blue tooth-ing from your own collection, or other service like Spotify and Pandora will curate to your specific tastes which is great to a certain extent and cost.

An often overlooked area to find new music with less commercial interruption is college radio.  Most stations have a streaming service and can be picked from anywhere.  I listen to stations from around the world and one that I've been enjoying lately is relatively local, WSGE in Dallas, NC. has a variety of different music programs, rock, beach and shag music on Saturday afternoons followed by R&B and the Highway 321 Blues show on most weeknights.  The DJ's are great too with insight to the artists and music history. The way radio should be. Worth a look for real music lovers, enjoy.